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Chinmaya Udghosh is the reputed and inspiring international monthly magazine monthly magazine of the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, The magazine aims to nurture a positive outlook and a sound frame of mind. It also provides CHYKs a direction to strive and excel based on time-tested values of life. The USP of the magazine is that it draws from a pool of young writers from all over the world with versatile academic backgrounds.  It is a platform for sharing experiences and learnings rather than mere opinions.

With 12,000 subscriptions and growing, Chinmaya Udghosh has been gaining ground and its popularity amongst youth is on the rise. The magazine has continually evolved over the years in style and content. Filled with CHYK news and events, thought-provoking articles and interviews, inspiring anecdotes, and striking messages, quotes, and Q&A on spirituality, universality, philosophy, ethics and leadership, readers the world over have benefitted from this work of art and heart.

The ‘You Ask He Answers’ article was interesting and answered questions about religion and spirituality that we would otherwise hesitate to ask openly. The answers too were very logically explained. Same goes for the explanation on distinction between Karma and Destinty in the ‘Call of the Conch’.

- Prajwal Singh, Jhansi

Chinmaya Udghosh has also published a series of unique, colourful, inspiring, thought-provoking and highly-readable books such as The Drop Books, Ram – The Man of Treta Yuga, Gita for Yuva, Awakening Indians to India and The other Way.  Each has been an acclaimed success.

None of our books are professionally authored. But yes, they are passionately written and compiled. They are not written by maestros, but are sure masterpieces in their own way. If you like reading, you probably don’t want to miss out on our unique collection. If you don’t like reading, then you sure must flip through the pages of one of our books – just so that you know that books are not always boring to read, but often inspiring to live!

- Chinmaya Udghosh Editorial Board

Chinmaya Udghosh is printed in Chennai, India, and the nominal subscription rates vary based on national and international mailing costs.  For subscriptions, please go to:


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