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The first issue of ‘Vanprasth’ an English quarterly magazine for senior citizens of India came out simultaneously with the formal inauguration of CCVS on 29 March, 1998. Covering a wide range of topics of interest to senior citizens, the journal had continued its journey uninterruptedly since then.

CCVS has also published almost a dozen books by various authors in English, Hindi, and Tamil on a range of topics for senior citizens. Books by Swami Shankarananda include Jara Vigyan Praveshika, An introduction to Gerontology, and How to live in old age. Dr. Sajjan Singh and Shri Shiv Swarup Agrawal have written books such as Vridhavastha Samadhan, Old Age and Growing Divine and others. A popular book is Swami Tejomayananda’s Graceful Aging .

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